What are poppers?

What are poppers?

One of the most asked questions in our store is, what are poppers? In short, they are sold as room aromas, not suitable for human consumption, that aim to provide a sense of euphoria. For some it enhances a great night out, for others, it is more suited for sensual activities. There are various formulations available. It can be a bit of a journey to find the one you enjoy the most. Over the last decade, we have seen many brands become very popular but for some reason, a small section of users does not get on with those brands. There seems to be no one rule that applies to all in determining which brand is the best. The only way to find the right product for you is unfortunately by trial and error. In case you find it useful some of the best-selling brands are Berlin XXX, Jungle Juice, Rush, Liquid Gold and Amsterdam.

Where to buy poppers?

Sold in small bottles of 10ml, 15ml, 18ml, 24ml and 25ml you can mostly find these products in adult stores and online stores. Depending on where you are these products have various names. Mostly known as poppers but you can often find them described as room aromas and leather cleaners. Not all formulas are available in all countries and there are places where you cannot buy them.

When buying poppers, you will most often find that they come in multi-packs and mixed packs. These provide better value, but we always recommend trying one first before you get more. Just in case the item in question is not in line with your expectations.

In addition to adult stores and online shops, you can often buy poppers in saunas, nightclubs and at adult-themed parties. 

Where to store room aromas?

“What are poppers?” is not the only question we get asked a lot. Customers are often wanting to know where to store them. The reason for this is that they want to ensure the products keep their strength and do not evaporate. The best way to keep the formula at its best is to keep them in your fridge or even freezer. In general, for best keeping, they need to be in a dark cold place. We recommend that you keep your poppers out of direct sunlight or warm places. If you store them correctly you will find that they will stay potent for many months.

Bottles of poppers

What do poppers do?

Please note that we are not scientists but from what we have ascertained, the formula increases blood flow to various parts of the body providing the very feeling the product is bought for. The effect it creates is not a long-lasting sensation but certainly, one that is much loved by many. Not everyone is a fan of these products, and the most common complaint is that they can create a headache. If this is your experience you can try a different brand, use less and if that does not help it might just not be for you. 

Who uses poppers?

Historically speaking these products became popular within the gay scene in the 1970s. Especially in intimate settings, these products became hugely popular. The increase in blood flow can intensify certain feelings and desires making it popular in saunas, clubs, and adult parties. In the 90s poppers became more mainstream, and you would find them in discos, as they were called at the time, festivals, and many other events where some extra euphoria was welcomed. These days poppers are used by everybody and are no longer just associated with gay men. In our store, we have customers from all walks of life, Straight, male, female, and LGBTQ+. Where you used to go to adults stores or nightclubs to buy a bottle of liquid gold you can now find them in many corner shops, especially in the bigger cities in the UK.

A bit of history.

We can thank French chemist Antoine-Jerome Balard for the original formulation, which is now no longer available, at least not in the UK. The synthesis of this product goes back to 1844. It was then Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton, a Scottish physician who documented its clinical use to treat angina pectoris in 1867. Much has changed since then and the content of a bottle of poppers has had various compositions and is used for very different reasons. Also, in terms of legality, this product has had a rather interesting journey. Different countries have opposing opinions but the latest information that applies to the UK can be found here: Ministers decide not to ban 'poppers' (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-35879663). In short, the BBC article describes in detail how these products are not banned in the UK.  

Here are some recommendations.

Now that you know the answer to the “what are poppers” question here is some information on the brands themselves. This information is based on data we extracted from the Popper Super Shop.

Firstly, let us start with a list of the brands that are selling the best. Please note that this does not mean that other brands are not popular, as they are. Many customers have their favourite, but the data suggest these are the ones you simply love the most.

Poppers come in small round or square bottles with a child-secure cap. Certain suppliers have included a power pellet in the bottle. The thought behind this is that it keeps the formula stronger for longer. It is thought that when you shake the bottle it reignites the formula. Popular brands with a power pellet are Red Bullet, Potent Blue and Power Rush. 

In terms of supply, the biggest countries active in this industry are the UK, EU, Canada and the USA. Most suppliers have different compositions and formulas but ultimately, they all strive to provide the same effect. 

Bottles of poppers


We hope that this article has given you some insight into what poppers are, what they do, where you can buy poppers in the UK and what the popular brands are. We have even thrown in a bit of history. But if you still feel that you want more information you can always contact us via our contact page, our email and phone number which can be found at the bottom of this page.

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