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With so many different multi packs and mixed packs on our store, we decided to create an area where you will find the best selling Popper packs. It comes as no suprise that Berlin XXX, Potent Blue and Liquid Gold Poppers are in here. These have been our best selling brands from the start. Also very popular are the Pig Yellow and Pig Red brands along with Original, Top, Bottom, Rush, Atomic and Leather Cleaner. 

Mixed Poppers UK

Mixing them up we have about 4 stand out best sellers. The number one best selling popper pack is Berlin - Potent Blue - Xtreme Power, on number two we have Liquid Gold - Rush - Pure Gold, in third position we have Berlin - Pig Red - Amsterdam and coming in fourth is the 2 Pigs, Pig Red - Pig Yellow.

It does look like mixed packs are much loved so we will be making plenty more, so watch this space :)



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