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If you are looking for poppers that get to work quickly and last for a long time, then Amsterdam poppers are the perfect purchase for you. They have been a really popular brand with Popper Super Shop customers for quite some time, and that popularity shows no signs of waning! Whether you are trying poppers for the first time or you’ve been having fun with them for years, these Amsterdam poppers are sure to become a firm favourite.

Taking their name from the famously free and fun loving city, Amsterdam poppers are perfect for guys who want to relax, have fun, and share a truly unforgettable night with a lover. They are popular with men and women all over the world, and they have had a great reputation here in the UK for many years. We’ve seen poppers brands come and go, but Amsterdam poppers have stuck around. So why not try a bottle today?

Amsterdam Gold has been around for years – and it’s known as one of the most successful poppers brands in the UK for good reason. Amsterdam poppers provide a unique kind of feeling. Whether you’re going to be using your room aromas for relaxation or stimulation, one thing’s for sure – Amsterdam Gold will pick you up in exquisite measure!

We’ve provided Amsterdam Gold poppers in a range of sizes and quantities, so you’ll be able to order as much or as little of this world-famous brand as you desire. These Amsterdam poppers are available in 3, 5, 10 packs, and you can also pick up purpose-packed trays if you wish. These are often the most competitively priced option for purveyors of Amsterdam Gold who want high quantities of this otherworldly concoction at a much more economical price. If you do start off with just one bottle, you can always return for a multipack once you’ve tried them out!

As well as finding affordable Amsterdam Gold poppers galore, these products are also provided in our mixed packs, so you can combine them with some of the other great brands available from our website.

Your order will be delivered quickly and discreetly from our warehouse in the UK. So while these poppers give you a taste of Amsterdam, you can order them right here from a trusted UK supplier! What’s not to love about that? Start shopping today, and your new Amsterdam poppers will be with you before you know it.

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  1. Amsterdam Leather Cleaner Poppers - 24ml - 5 Pack
  2. Amsterdam Strong Aromas - 10ml - 5 Pack
    Amsterdam Strong Aromas - 10ml - 5 Pack
    Now £23.96 Was £29.95
  3. Berlin-Potent Blue-Amsterdam
    Berlin-Potent Blue-Amsterdam
    Now £20.79 Was £25.99
  4. Berlin-Pig Red-Amsterdam Multi
    Berlin-Pig Red-Amsterdam Multi
    Now £15.40 Was £22.00
  5. Amsterdam Strong Aromas - 10ml - 3 Pack
    Amsterdam Strong Aromas - 10ml - 3 Pack
    Now £14.38 Was £17.97
  6. Berlin-Pig Yellow-Amsterdam Multi
    Berlin-Pig Yellow-Amsterdam Multi
    Now £15.40 Was £22.00
  7. Amsterdam-English-Rush Multi
    Amsterdam-English-Rush Multi
    Now £14.80 Was £18.50
  8. Amsterdam-Bears-Rush Multi
    Amsterdam-Bears-Rush Multi
    Now £14.00 Was £17.50
  9. Berlin-Amsterdam-Rush Multi
    Berlin-Amsterdam-Rush Multi
    Now £14.00 Was £17.50
  10. Berlin-Amsterdam-English - 25ml Aroma Multi

26 Items

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