Five Pack Poppers

Five Pack Poppers

Get your mitts on your favourite high five! POPPERSUPERSHOP have put together a full range of five pack bundles for customers who prefer to order their room aromas in bulk.

Perhaps you want to stock up on some of the world’s most powerful branded products. Maybe you want to make sure you’re getting fantastic value for money on your purchase. Either way, ordering a poppers five pack makes total sense. We’ve packaged up these items in such a way that enables our customers to get an impressive discount when they purchase our five packs as opposed to our single items. Most of the time, you can expect to pay up to 20% less on your favourite poppers when you go for a set of five instead of mixing and matching between different brands and sizes. Makes sense to stock up now, doesn’t it? Especially if you know what you like, and you want to make sure you’re never running low on your preferred room aromas.

You can choose between 10ml, 15ml, 22ml and 25ml bottles; sizes will vary according to the brand of poppers you want to buy. If you don’t fancy browsing all of the products listed here, you can use the handy filter on the left-hand side of the page to narrow down your search according to the price of the items, and whether you want small, medium or large sized bottles. We really couldn’t have made it easier for you to order five pack poppers!

If you’re keen to order one of our five pack poppers, you probably know exactly what you want from your purchase. But we’re all for a little bit of experimentation here at POPPERSUPERSHOP, and we think that even veteran popper fans should broaden their horizons from time to time. If you’re after a particularly powerful experience, you can’t go wrong with the Berlin XXX brand. These little beauties are our best sellers by far, and they regularly receive rave reviews from newbies who have only just discovered their out-of-this-world properties. For a slightly smoother ride, give Rush poppers a go. They’ve been wowing crowds since the 1970s and their staying power in the international poppers market is testament to their intense yet long-lasting properties. You’ve got to try Amsterdam poppers, too, if you want to work your way round to another safe bet for exquisite sensations.

Remember, we offer secure, fast and totally discreet delivery on all of our products. Your five pack poppers will be with you in a matter of days, as long as you’re based in the UK.

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