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We are often asked if our room aromas are for gay men only and we have to be honest, they really are not. We have many straight, and female customers that love our products. Yes, a lot of our customers are gay men, but our poppers are for everyone! However, poppers have been a part of the gay scene for decades, and they remain just as popular as ever.

Whether you are looking to hit your favourite nightclub and hook up with someone, or you want to just enjoy a night in with your lover, a bottler of gay poppers from our range will certainly spice up your evening!

Gay Aromas For Every Customer

We sell poppers in a wide variety of sizes – and it seems that our customers have their preferences. After analysing our poppers for sales it is interesting that especially women often go for the smaller 10ml bottles and that men usually buy the larger 25ml bottle. Whether you follow suit, or you opt for something different, our range of straight, bi, and gay poppers is sure to have just what you are looking for. Remember, we do sell multi packs of our poppers, which offer great savings on each bottle.

Gay Poppers For Sale

There are a few manufacturers that seem to be focussed on gay men. This is mainly to do with the branding of the bottles. Gay poppers brands such as DAD and Bears Own. From the way they are advertised, you could also include Fist, Hard On and maybe Berlin XXX in the category of ‘gay aromas’. However Berlin seems to be loved by everybody. On this page you will find all the brands that could be deemed Gay Poppers, but rest assured they are for everybody. So have a look and enjoy the fun! Whether you are gay, straight, bi, or aren’t interested in any labels, our poppers will leave you feeling ready for all kinds of naughty fun. That’s why we’re the leading poppers retailer for so many customers all over the UK.

Order Yours Today!

If you order any poppers from our gay popper brands range before 14:00 on a weekday, your poppers will be dispatched that very same day. If not, they’ll be sent out first thing the next working day. With discreet packaging on all orders too, it’s clear to see why Popper Super Shop are the first port of call for so many, regardless of their orientation. So why not have a look at the gay poppers for sale on our site today?

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