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These poppers are called Xtreme for a reason, they are strong and provide an intense feeling. Great for lustful pleasure.

The black bottle with the red X gives a hardcore statement and most of our customers that buy Xtreme poppers are looking for something stonger than the average room aromas.

It comes in a large 22ml bottle that will give you plenty of liquid to go to town and have some fun times. From the same makers, we also offer Xtreme Glow poppers. The content of this bottle is at least as strong, the design is in my opinion a bit better, but who cares about that really, as long as it delivers, and these do for sure.

To make sure you get the most bang for your buck, we would recommend buying a multi pack as those provide the very best value. For both of these brands of room aromas we have multi packs of 3 and 5. We have also made a multi pack which has both of them in one pack. What better way to try them both.

All parcels that are ordered on a weekday before 14.00 will be shipped on the very same day. We offer fast shipping and all parcels come in discreet packaging, so the neighbours nor the postman will know you are getting ready for some seriously good times.

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