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Berlin XXX poppers are, hands down, the best sellers from the entire PopperSuperShop range. We have the same strong formulation available in 25ml and 10ml bottles.

These super-strength Berlin poppers provide a great rush and are the go-to popper for customers who want to have the most fun possible. They’re intense, they’re hardcore, and they’ll always leave you wanting more - much like the German city of the same name!  

If you’ve never tried Berlin XXX poppers before, what’s stopping you from seeing what all the fuss is about?  We have many customers repeat buying from the Berlin XXX range, and they come highly endorsed by hundreds and thousands of people throughout the UK – so you’re almost guaranteed to fall in love with this brand.

Once you’ve acquired a taste for Berlin XXX room aromas, you’ll want to buy our affordable 10 packs or trays to make sure you are getting these products for the best possible price. You can buy Berlin XXX poppers in packs of one through to ten, and these products are available in small, medium and large quantities to meet your needs.

Simply browse our collection of poppers here, then check out quickly and securely online. Your order will be delivered discreetly to your door with no fuss. 

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  1. Berlin-Amsterdam-Rush Multi
    Berlin-Amsterdam-Rush Multi
    Now £14.00 Was £17.50
  2. Berlin-Potent Blue-Amsterdam
    Berlin-Potent Blue-Amsterdam
    Now £20.79 Was £25.99
  3. Berlin-Potent Blue-Pig Yellow
    Berlin-Potent Blue-Pig Yellow
    Now £22.79 Was £28.49
  4. Berlin-Potent Blue-Xtreme Power Multi
    Berlin-Potent Blue-Xtreme Power Multi
    Now £22.74 Was £32.48
  5. Berlin-Pig Red-Bears Multi
    Berlin-Pig Red-Bears Multi
    Now £16.80 Was £21.00
  6. Berlin-Pig Red-Amsterdam Multi
    Berlin-Pig Red-Amsterdam Multi
    Now £15.40 Was £22.00
  7. Berlin-Pig Red-English Multi
    Berlin-Pig Red-English Multi
    Now £17.60 Was £22.00
  8. Berlin-Pig Yellow-Bears Multi
    Berlin-Pig Yellow-Bears Multi
    Now £14.70 Was £21.00
  9. Berlin-Pig Yellow-Amsterdam Multi
    Berlin-Pig Yellow-Amsterdam Multi
    Now £17.60 Was £22.00
  10. Berlin-Pig Yellow-English Multi
    Berlin-Pig Yellow-English Multi
    Now £17.60 Was £22.00
  11. Berlin-English-Rush Multi
    Berlin-English-Rush Multi
    Now £12.95 Was £18.50
  12. Berlin-Bears-Rush Multi
    Berlin-Bears-Rush Multi
    Now £14.80 Was £18.50
  13. Berlin-Bears-English - 25ml Aroma Multi
    Berlin-Bears-English - 25ml Aroma Multi
    Now £14.79 Was £18.49

Items 1-24 of 26

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