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The poppers within this section are held in the highest regard by customers new and old.

You’ll recognise a lot of these names, so it will come as no surprise that they’re so popular amongst aroma lovers in the UK. But the fact they’re ordered time and time again tells us that they are well worth the hype, and they are living up to their status as some of the most in-demand room aromas in the country.

Ever wondered what the best selling popper brand is in the UK? Well, the statistics don’t lie – and they tell us that Berlin XXX is currently the brand of choice for the kinky lot on this fair isle. However, products from Pig Red and Yellow, Amsterdam and Potent Blue (with its unique power pellet features) also tend to disappear quite quickly when they’re added to our website. Other old favourites, like Rush and Liquid Gold, can also be found within our portfolio of best selling poppers. Lesser-known brands such as Fist, Bears and Jungle Juice seem to be rising through the ranks, too – these are the ones to watch, in our opinion.

What makes a product a best seller, then? We think it comes down to three things: promises, power, and price. First of all, a best seller has got to do exactly what it says on the tin. Customers won’t reorder a particular brand if they’re not satisfied with the sensations it provides. They’ll keep experimenting with different poppers until they find something they like.

Next, a top selling room aroma needs to pack a punch (and an enduring one, at that). In the heat of the moment, you want to know that the poppers you have chosen will be able to go the distance, and not leave you yearning for more just when your play is about to come to a head. There’s nothing more frustrating than being left hanging by an inferior product, right?

And lastly, the price needs to appeal to a wide range of fans. That’s not to say that only the cheapest poppers will become best sellers. In fact, some of the most popular products on our site are also some of the most ‘expensive’, which indicates that our customers are looking for value for money as opposed to outright bargains.

Our range of best selling poppers is likely to change with the seasons as new products are introduced and certain room aromas go out of fashion. Make sure you check back to our best sellers page on a regular basis for the latest insights into what’s currently en vogue.

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