Mixed Packs

Mixed Packs

Mixed Poppers Packs

On this page we have combined some of our bestselling room aromas in Mixed Poppers Packs. Our Mixed Packs are put together through picking the bestselling popper brands on our site, and then putting them together for your convenience. Mixed poppers packs are ideal for when you can’t choose between two or three favourites, or you just want to discover something new!

Hardcore Mixed Pack Poppers

Our mixed pack poppers are some of the most popular items on our site, and it’s not hard to see why. This is a great way of testing some of the brands. If you are looking for some seriously hardcore poppers, then we have just the pack for you. At the moment the bestselling Mix Poppers Pack is Berlin XXX with Potent Blue and Xtreme Power. This is no surprise as it combines some very hardcore poppers, making it the perfect choice for those who are feeling more adventurous.

Small Mixed Poppers Packs

If you want to pick up some smaller bottlers to try, then we have lots of mixed packs for you to take your pick from. In the smaller mixed poppers packs, the Liquid Gold Poppers in combination with Pure and Rush are the most popular. These are 3 of our best selling 10ml bottles in one potent pack that will satisfy all. This pack of smaller bottles proves that good things can come in smaller packages!

Buy Mixed Poppers Packs with Confidence

Here at Popper Super Shop, you can buy your poppers with total confidence. All of the poppers that we stock have been subjected to the strictest quality control checks, so you can be sure that they are very effective and we maintain high standards here at Popper Super Shop. No wonder we are considered by many as the best places to shop mixed poppers pack!

Cheap Mixed Pack Poppers

We have become one of the top places to buy mixed poppers pack because of the low prices that we offer. We think that everyone should be able to have fun with poppers and so we make an effort to bring you the best poppers brands at the best possible prices. Stocking up on some great value mixed packs is a great way to add to your poppers collection without breaking the bank.

Don’t Miss Out!

We will be adding more mixed packs soon so keep an eye on this page. The best way to keep in the loop on all deals and new products is to sign up to our newsletter. Then you won’t miss any of the new arrivals or hot deals.

When you shop with us, you can count on our discretion. We ship all orders in plain packaging, so no one but you will know what is in your parcel. So you can have your poppers delivered anywhere in the UK with zero fear of embarrassment. So why not treat yourself to one of the best mixed poppers pack today?

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  1. Liquid Gold-Rush-Throb Hard Multi
    Liquid Gold-Rush-Throb Hard Multi
    Now £10.80 Was £13.50
  2. Power Rush 25ml-Pig Red-Pig Yellow Multi
  3. Raw-Reds-Rush 10ml Multi
    Raw-Reds-Rush 10ml Multi
    Now £11.55 Was £16.50
  4. Red Bullet-Potent Blue-Xtreme Power Multi
  5. Xtreme-Slammed-Dad Multi
    Xtreme-Slammed-Dad Multi
    Now £20.00 Was £25.00
  6. Alpha-Hard Fuck-Hardon Multi
    Alpha-Hard as Fuck-Hardon Multi
    Now £16.00 Was £20.00
  7. Bottom-Rosebud-Slammed Multi
    Bottom-Rosebud-Slammed Multi
    Now £17.50 Was £25.00
  8. Berlin-Potent Blue-Pig Yellow
    Berlin-Potent Blue-Pig Yellow
    Now £19.94 Was £28.49
  9. Berlin-Potent Blue-Xtreme Power Multi
    Berlin-Potent Blue-Xtreme Power Multi
    Now £25.98 Was £32.48
  10. Liquid Gold-Pure Gold-Rush
    Liquid Gold-Pure Gold-Rush
    Now £12.40 Was £15.50
  11. Berlin-Pig Yellow-Amsterdam Multi
    Berlin-Pig Yellow-Amsterdam Multi
    Now £15.40 Was £22.00
  12. Raw-Potent Blue-Xtreme Power Multi
    Raw-Potent Blue-Xtreme Power Multi
    Now £25.50 Was £31.98
  13. Raw-Red Bullet Multi
    Raw-Red Bullet Multi
    Now £14.40 Was £18.00
  14. Raw-Berlin-Pig Yellow Multi
    Raw-Berlin-Pig Yellow Multi
    Now £17.20 Was £21.50
  15. Raw-Atomic Power-Iso blue Multi
    Raw-Atomic Power-Iso blue Multi
    Now £22.00 Was £27.50
  16. Red Bullet-Potent Blue
    Red Bullet-Potent Blue
    Now £19.99 Was £24.99
  17. Red Bullet-Berlin-Raw Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Raw Multi
    Now £17.15 Was £24.50
    Out of stock
  18. Hardon-Hard Fuck-Hard Core Multi
    Hardon-Hard as Fuck-Hard Core Multi
    Now £14.80 Was £18.50
  19. Deep Red-DV8-Bottom Multi
    Deep Red-DV8-Bottom Multi
    Now £18.40 Was £23.00
  20. Top-Xtreme-Dad Multi
    Top-Xtreme-Dad Multi
    Now £18.00 Was £22.50
  21. DV8-Leather Cleaner-Rosebud Multi
    DV8-Leather Cleaner-Rosebud Multi
    Now £18.89 Was £26.99
  22. Deep Red-DV8-Elbow Deep Multi
    Deep Red-DV8-Elbow Deep Multi
    Now £17.99 Was £22.49
  23. Jungle Juice-Tribal Juice-Top Multi
    Jungle Juice-Tribal Juice-Top Multi
    Now £16.40 Was £20.50
  24. King-Dad-Hardon Multi
    King-Dad-Hardon Multi
    Now £18.80 Was £23.50
  25. Potent Blue-Xtreme Power
    Potent Blue-Xtreme Power
    Now £20.78 Was £25.98
  26. Pig Yellow-Pig Red Multi
    Pig Yellow-Pig Red Multi
    Now £14.40 Was £18.00
  27. Berlin-Pig Red-Amsterdam Multi
    Berlin-Pig Red-Amsterdam Multi
    Now £15.40 Was £22.00
  28. Top-Bottom - Aroma Multi
    Top-Bottom - Aroma Multi
    Now £10.40 Was £13.00
  29. Power Rush 25ml-Berlin-English Multi
    Power Rush 25ml-Berlin-English Multi
    Now £18.00 Was £22.50
  30. Power Rush 25ml-Berlin-Amsterdam Multi
    Power Rush 25ml-Berlin-Amsterdam Multi
    Now £15.75 Was £22.50
  31. Power Rush 25ml-English-Red Bullet Multi
  32. Power Rush 25ml-Berlin-Raw Multi
    Power Rush 25ml-Berlin-Raw Multi
    Now £15.40 Was £22.00
  33. Power Rush 25ml-Berlin-Red Bullet Multi
    Power Rush 25ml-Berlin-Red Bullet Multi
    Now £19.60 Was £28.00
  34. Raw-Berlin-Pig Red Multi
    Raw-Berlin-Pig Red Multi
    Now £17.20 Was £21.50
  35. Raw-Rush 10ml-Liquid Gold 10ml Multi
    Raw-Rush 10ml-Liquid Gold 10ml Multi
    Now £11.55 Was £16.50
  36. Red Bullet-Berlin-Liquid Gold 10ml Multi
  37. Red Bullet-Berlin-Rush 10ml Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Rush 10ml Multi
    Now £16.80 Was £24.00
  38. Red Bullet-Berlin-Original Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Original Multi
    Now £21.20 Was £26.50
  39. Red Bullet-Berlin-Pig Red Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Pig Red Multi
    Now £22.00 Was £27.50
  40. Red Bullet-Berlin-Pig Yellow Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Pig Yellow Multi
    Now £22.00 Was £27.50
  41. Berlin-Potent Blue-Amsterdam
    Berlin-Potent Blue-Amsterdam
    Now £20.79 Was £25.99
  42. Liquid Gold-Rush-Squirt Multi
    Liquid Gold-Rush-Squirt Multi
    Now £11.20 Was £14.00
  43. Berlin-Pig Yellow-English Multi
    Berlin-Pig Yellow-English Multi
    Now £15.40 Was £22.00
  44. Amsterdam-English-Rush Multi
    Amsterdam-English-Rush Multi
    Now £14.80 Was £18.50
  45. Berlin-English-Rush Multi
    Berlin-English-Rush Multi
    Now £14.80 Was £18.50
  46. Gold Medal-Kink-Original Gold Multi Pack
    Gold Medal-Kink-Original Gold Multi
    Now £12.00 Was £15.00
  47. Bullseye-Elbow Deep-Gold Medal Multi
    Bullseye-Elbow Deep-Gold Medal Multi
    Now £14.39 Was £17.99
  48. Bottom-Bull-Buzz Multi
    Bottom-Bull-Buzz Multi
    Now £13.19 Was £16.49
  49. Bears-Eagle-Thunderball 25ml Multi
    Bears-Eagle-Thunderball 25ml Multi
    Now £17.19 Was £21.49
  50. Alpha-King-Bears Multi
    Alpha-King-Bears Multi
    Now £14.80 Was £18.50
  51. Jock-Jungle Juice-Leather Cleaner Multi
    Jock-Jungle Juice-Leather Cleaner Multi
    Now £20.78 Was £25.98
  52. Reds-Screw You Hard-Tribal Multi
    Reds-Screw You Hard-Tribal Multi
    Now £12.80 Was £16.00
  53. Purple Haze-Platinum-Rave Multi
    Purple Haze-Platinum-Rave Multi
    Now £12.80 Was £16.00
  54. Eagle-Hard Core-Kink Multi
    Eagle-Hard Core-Kink Multi
    Now £12.00 Was £15.00
  55. Screw You Hard-Bull-Original Gold Multi
    Screw You Hard-Bull-Original Gold Multi
    Now £12.80 Was £16.00
  56. Buzz-Reds-Deep Red Multi
    Buzz-Reds-Deep Red Multi
    Now £14.35 Was £17.99
  57. Jock-Thunderball 10ml-Elbow Deep Multi
    Jock-Thunderball 10ml-Elbow Deep Multi
    Now £17.50 Was £21.97
  58. Top-Jungle Juice-Slammed Multi
    Top-Jungle Juice-Slammed Multi
    Now £19.60 Was £24.50
  59. Jock-Kink-Purple Haze Multi
    Jock-Kink-Purple Haze Multi
    Now £13.50 Was £16.99
  60. Rave-Reds-Thunderball 10ml Multi
    Rave-Reds-Thunderball 10ml Multi
    Now £14.35 Was £17.99
  61. Gold Medal-Platinum-Hard Fuck Multi
    Gold Medal-Platinum-Hard as Fuck Multi
    Now £13.60 Was £17.00
  62. Bullseye-Buzz-Hard Core Multi
    Bullseye-Buzz-Hard Core Multi
    Now £12.75 Was £15.99

Items 1-75 of 86

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