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News brands of Poppers UK are tested by our staff, yep that is one of the great things about working here :) 

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  1. Bottom-Bull-Buzz Multi
    Bottom-Bull-Buzz Multi
    Now £13.19 Was £16.49
  2. Alpha-King-Bears Multi
    Alpha-King-Bears Multi
    Now £14.80 Was £18.50
  3. Deep Red-DV8-Bottom Multi
    Deep Red-DV8-Bottom Multi
    Now £18.40 Was £23.00
  4. Top-Xtreme-Dad Multi
    Top-Xtreme-Dad Multi
    Now £18.00 Was £22.50
  5. Eagle-Hard Core-Kink Multi
    Eagle-Hard Core-Kink Multi
    Now £12.00 Was £15.00
  6. Buzz-Reds-Deep Red Multi
    Buzz-Reds-Deep Red Multi
    Now £14.35 Was £17.99
  7. Xtreme-Slammed-Dad Multi
    Xtreme-Slammed-Dad Multi
    Now £20.00 Was £25.00
  8. King-Atomic-Active Multi
    King-Atomic-Active Multi
    Now £20.40 Was £25.50
  9. Top-Jungle Juice-Slammed Multi
    Top-Jungle Juice-Slammed Multi
    Now £19.60 Was £24.50
  10. Jock-Kink-Purple Haze Multi
    Jock-Kink-Purple Haze Multi
    Now £13.50 Was £16.99

Items 1-24 of 141

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