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If you’re new to room aromas, trust us when we say that you certainly won’t be forgetting Bears Own poppers in a hurry!

Sure, it’s partly because this manufacturer boasts some of the most in-your-face branding in the whole market. Bears poppers bottles are plastered with an image that won’t be leaving your mind any time soon. But strangely sexy illustrations aside, Bears Own poppers are some of the most hard-hitting available. They’re powerful, they’re ferocious, and they’re sure to stimulate your senses, regardless of whether you’re flying solo or inviting your own big strong beast into the fold for extra fun.

Choose Bears Own, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how intense and enduring these nifty little products are. Bears poppers have the long-coveted kick of an extra strong room aroma, but they also offer a deliciously smooth feel – and this unique sensation is the trademark of a brand that’s developed a spot-on, premium formula that has quite rightly earned a whole legion of fans from across the world. One night with Bears poppers at your beck and call is enough to convince you of the sheer quality of these products – and you’ll be keen to stock up on more of the same by investing in our 3 pack, 5 pack and 10 pack sets, all of which deliver excellent savings.

Bears Own poppers are supplied in a much bigger bottle than what’s on offer from many other brands, too, so even if you only opt for a single product to get the ball rolling, you’ll get even more pop for your dollar. They are the ideal purchase for experienced users who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go and get it – and best of all, Bears poppers are still very competitively priced, so you’ll never feel short changed when you order these room aromas online.

Talking of which, it’s never been easier to buy Bears poppers directly from a UK-based supplier. Here at POPPERSUPERSHOP, we’ve created a fast, reliable and fully secure payment system that will allow you to place your order quickly and with no fuss whatsoever. Just choose the Bears popper you’d like to try, check out via our website, and we’ll make sure we deliver your new purchase directly to your premises in a matter of days.

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  1. Bears Aroma - 25ml - 5 pack
    Bears Aroma - 25ml - 5 pack
    Now £22.00 Was £27.50
  2. Bears Aroma - 25ml - 3 pack
    Bears Aroma - 25ml - 3 pack
    Now £13.20 Was £16.50
  3. Bears Aroma - 25ml - 10 Pack
    Bears Aroma - 25ml - 10 Pack
    Now £35.00 Was £55.00
  4. Bears Aroma - 25ml
    Bears Aroma - 25ml
    Now £5.23 Was £5.50
  5. Berlin-Pig Red-Bears Multi
    Berlin-Pig Red-Bears Multi
    Now £16.80 Was £21.00
  6. Berlin-Pig Yellow-Bears Multi
    Berlin-Pig Yellow-Bears Multi
    Now £16.80 Was £21.00
  7. Amsterdam-Bears-Rush Multi
    Amsterdam-Bears-Rush Multi
    Now £14.00 Was £17.50
    Out of stock
  8. Berlin-Bears-Rush Multi
    Berlin-Bears-Rush Multi
    Now £14.80 Was £18.50

10 Items

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