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It is all about the Juice on this page, there are several room aromas variations available but we have a few brands in our store that we like to call Super Juice Poppers. We have 3 brands, Jungle Juice poppers, O Juice and Tribal Juice. The first one also called JJ is by far the best seller. This Juice has been around for many years and if we are going by sales figures, it is here to stay. Made in the UK from a very strong formula, this big bottle will not dissapoint.

O Juice is coming to get you

O Juice has not been around as long as JJ but very much earns it's place in the Super Juice Poppers category. It comes in a big 22ml bottle and is made by the same people that brought us Potent Blue, Xtreme Power and Xtreme poppers. For those who have tried those will know that O Juice will pack a serious punch. Tribal Juice is the only bottle that comes in a slightly smaller 15ml bottle. This makes it perfect to take with you to a sauna, hook up or adult party. Don't let the smaller size of the bottle fool you as it matches the strenght of the other Juices. So, get juiced and have a great time!


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