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We are a London based company but we very much are a Poppers UK company. We do however have a lot of London customers and this page is populated with all the brands that sell the most in London. Customers that are local to us, in the SW12 area can also collect there orders from our warehouse after ordering them online. Just let us know that you are collecting them and we will get them ready for you. Orders can be collected every weekday between 09.00 and 16.30.

Poppers London, these are the most popular

It is no wonder that the best seller in London is the same as the one in the rest of the UK, Berlin XXX. Customers simply cannot get enough of this brand. In addition to this the Red Bullet, Raw XXX, Jungle Juice and Fist are always in demand. I am not sure why but the popper order within London are often big. Lots of 10 packs or a multiple of mixed and 5 pack, lots of parties we are assuming.

So, have a look at this London poppers page and see if you favourite on here as well. For those of you that do not want to collect, no worries as we ship all orders as soon as we can.

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