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Unleash your inner beast with the super strong Alpha Poppers Range. For those who want to become real animals, these room aromas are perfect. They have a real strength to them and when you need it the most Alpha poppers deliver just the intense feeling you want.

We are loving the simple effective design, although who cares about the design as long as they deliver, and these certainly do. Alpha room aromas come in a nice big bottle of 25ml, so plenty of hot juice for you to enjoy.

Alpha came from the same guys that have also created the best selling Platinum, King and Gold Medal popper ranges. To make your shopping experience easier we have also included these brand on the page plus a few others that were purchased by customers that enjoyed Alpha.

Always make sure you store room aromas in a cool place to keep them lasting longer and it keeps them more potent as well.

So for all you Alpha's and top dogs out there, come and have a go at these, you will not be dissapointed. Available in single botlles, 3 packs and 5 packs. The 5 packs are reduced in price the most so you will get the best value buying those. Talking about value, we send out regular newsletters making sure we keep you in the loop on all our promotions and arrivals of new products. To sign up to our newsletter please scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your email in the required field. 

We aim to offer the best prices online and we offer fast shipping in discreet packaging.

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  1. Alpha-King-Bears Multi
    Alpha-King-Bears Multi
    Now £14.80 Was £18.50
  2. K Strong Aroma - 25ml - 5 Pack
    K Strong Aroma - 25ml - 5 Pack
    Now £28.00 Was £35.00
  3. K Strong Aroma - 25ml - 3 Pack
    K Strong Aroma - 25ml - 3 Pack
    Now £18.90 Was £21.00

Items 1-24 of 25

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