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Want all your room aromas in the same place, here you can Shop By Brand. Note that some of our brands are in the best selling area, such as liquid gold poppers, Berlin XXX and Jungle Juice.

Please look at the navigation bar on the left hand side and and you will find all our poppers by brand. Most of our customers stick by their favourite brand but we encourage you to try something else as we have some cracking products. The Top, Bottom, Active and Passive range for example is worth a test run for sure. Also Platinum, Xtreme Power, O'juice and Alpha are great and very strong. So, shop around and we are sure you will find another brand that will float your boat.

If there is a brand that we do not currently stock, please let us know and we will try and source it for you

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  1. Top-Bottom - Aroma Multi
    Top-Bottom - Aroma Multi
    Now £10.40 Was £13.00
  2. Top-Active - Aroma Multi
    Top-Active - Aroma Multi
    Now £10.40 Was £13.00
  3. Active-Passive - Aroma Multi
    Active-Passive - Aroma Multi
    Now £9.75 Was £13.00
  4. Potent Blue-Xtreme Power
    Potent Blue-Xtreme Power
    Now £20.78 Was £25.98

Items 1-24 of 231

per page
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