Ice Mint Leather Cleaner Poppers - 24ml - 3 Pack

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A 3-pack of extra strong poppers called Ice Mint. If you like our imported leather cleaners than this one is a great buy. Each bottle has 24ml of power ingredients that will not dissapoint. Ice Mint for hot action.  

Ingredients: Isopropyl Nitrite (CAS 541-42-4)

3 big square bottles of extra strength poppers called Ice Mint! Don't be fooled by the cool design, this is for those that like some hot action.  

As part of our European collection this brand is made by the same people that make Jungle Juice Platinum, Blue Boy, Iron Horse and Spunk poppers. So if you like any of those this one will do all you need it to do. You can also buy Ice Mint in a single bottle if you would like to try it out first. Please note that the price per bottle is always lower when you buy multi-packs like this 3 pack or our 5 packs.

We often get asked how you can ensure the formula stays fresh and we suggest that you store it in a cool dark area and make sure you keep it aways from sunlight or hot areas.

It is impotant to us that our products are to your liking so please leave us a review so we can consider them. 

Enjoy this 3 pack, it will provide you with many hours of the greatest fun.

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