BB Leather Cleaner Poppers - 10ml - 5 Pack

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Introducing BB Leather Cleaner Poppers - 10ml. This 5-pack represents hours of hardcore fun. So, if that is what you are after you have landed on the right page. Not only is this a fan favourite in Europe, here in the UK customers go mad for it is well. Want to be part of the BB revelation, go and get some and enjoy! BB poppers do want you need them to.

Ingredients: Isopropyl Nitrite (CAS 541-42-4)

BB Leather cleaner 5-pack 10ml

From “hell yeah” to “I want more” and “my new fave” these are all reactions to BB poppers. The reputation of this brand is growing fast, in such a crowded market it is great to see a new brand challenging best selling extra strong brands like Berlin, Original, Power Rush, Pig and others. The BB story started a few years ago in Europe where it took the continent by storm. As soon as we heard about its reputation we thought, we need to get this in for our customers in the UK. So, we did, and it seems the UK is also a fan. Try it our yourself and let us know if you are in team BB as well by leaving a review.

Not just another brand.

BB room aromas are not just another brand. They have really gone to town and produced this magical formula for pretty much all bottle size. From tall, big to these small ones. Every bottle packed with the same mighty ingredients. The tall bottle is great as it fits perfectly in your hand removing spilling risk, the big bottle is designed for the hardcore users and these 10ml bottles are great on the go. We find that most customers that buy the 10ml take them to parties, saunas, hook ups and adult themes parties. You don’t notice them when they are in your pocket. This brand has done a complete rollout and we are here for it.

Things to remember.

We are aware we mention this a lot, but we want your poppers to last, so for best keeping store them in a fridge or freezer. Basically, anywhere that is cold and dark. Make sure to tightly secure the cap when done, this avoids any evaporation. Another thing to remember, if you have not done it already, is to sign up to our newsletter. This will keep you up to date with all the promotions so you can by your leather cleaners at the best time and save yourself some cash. If you love to try new brands, then our newsletter is the first place you will find out when new room aromas hit the UK.  

Contact us if you want more information about BB or any other brand for that matter. You can use the contact form, email, or phone. We are happy to answer all your questions.

For now, we hope you enjoy this 5-pack as much as many that have done before you.

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